Great name archive: 21-28 September, 2011

Dire Tune

Raul Spank, German high jumper

Kim Yoo Suk, South Korean polevaulter

Hugo Mamba-Schlick, Cameroonian triple-jumper

Ronald Quispe, Bolivian 20km race-walker

Aneterica Quive, Mozambican 100m sprinter

Lovelite Detenamo, Nauruan 100m sprinter

From the Troy Davis case: Nathan Deal, Georgia Governor.  [Ed. note: no, Nathan did not] / Penny Haas Freesemann, local judge.  [Ed. note: no, she haas not, mann]

Dire Tune, Ethiopian marathoner and randomly-sourced drink consumer

Jerry Kill, University of Minnesota football coach

Saul Solis Solis, former Mexican police chief and current drug cartel heavyweight

Holder Da Silva, Guinea-Bissauan 100/200m sprinter  [Ed.: research suggests HDS is yet to win a silver medal]

Christopher M. Coke, Jamaican drug lord, chainsaw killer and letter writer

Kierre Beckles, Barbadian 100m hurdler

Kent Camera, coordinating producer, NFL Network’s RedZone channel

Speed Weed, Law and Order SVU co-producer and writer

Tin Bikic, boyfriend of tennis player Jelena Dokic

Benjamin T. Jealous, President, National Association for Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP)

Elmer Funke Kopper, incoming CEO of the ASX

Park Bonggo, South Korean 400m runner

Rae Armantrout, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet

Ron Silliman, poet, friend of Rae Armantrout, and author of a single poem between 1979 and 2004

Jhon Lennon Casallo, Peruvian marathon runner (imagine: he finished 49th at the World Champs this year)

Janelle Redhead, Grenadian 200m runner and non-redhead

Roman Cress, Marshallese sprinter and 2006 Micronesian Games 100m bronze medallist

Felix Zevenboom, Adelaide real estate agent

Jadeveon Clowney, University of South Carolina footballer and mistaken burglar

Grace LeBoy, Tin Pan Alley composer

Mikko Leppilampi, Finnish actor/singer and host of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest

Sultana Frizell, Canadian hammer thrower and 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medallist


Great name archive: 13-20 September, 2011


Handy Wood

Coolboy Ngamole, South African marathon champion

Sherm Lollar, 1950s baseballer

Starquineshia Palmer, murder suspect

Twinkle John, Melbourne Airport Oporto manager

Anita Peter, owner of Seaview Quilting

Terry Towell, Managing Director, Allianz

Dymphna Sprod, occupation unknown

Wardell Quezergue, New Orleans music identity

Dolphin Tang, Executive Lounge Manager, Hilton Hotel Melbourne

Gosder Cherilus, Detroit Lions NFL player (first seen here)

Kiki Wolfkill, video game developer

Handy Wood, Pennsylvania flasher

Windell Admaker (aka Wendell Amaker), New York construction worker [ed. note: *sigh*. Damn you, correction]

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