2012 is Year of the Name

Exciting times here at Name Curator, with not one but TWO big announcements to make:

1) I’ve been (self-)appointed the Secretary-General of the world’s most prestigious nominative institution, the United Name-tions*

2) My first act in the role is to declare 2012 the Year of the Name**.

It’s time to take names to the next level, and the Year of the Name will do that.

Across the world, all year long, names will be celebrated, discussed, pored over and pondered – at least by me.

Why do we even have names? Who was the first person to have a name? Who was the first person to have a hyphenated surname? Are there real names scholars out there I can talk to about names? Are names the third inevitable thing in life, along with death and taxes?

There are so many questions about names that I want to explore, and in 2012, the Year of the Name, I intend to do just that. Of course, my Twitter feed will keep presenting a constant stream of great names for your perusal, and I’d like to do more Q&As with those great names.

Remember: 2012 is the Year of the Name.

* I don’t have a strong opinion about whether you take or leave this whole business about great names etc, but you should be able to acknowledge the punworthiness of ‘United Name-tions’

** Not to be confused with the most excellent Name of the Year.


Great name archive, 15-21 December 2011


Tyger Drew-Honey, actor and improbable muscle man

Professor Wiseman Nkuhlu, University of Pretoria Chancellor and Order of the Baobab recipient

Luke Loucks, Florida State University basketballer and big brother

Tyger Drew-Honey, actor and improbable muscle owner

Nino Niederreiter, Swiss ice hockey player and improvement focusser

Moxie Marlinspike, cryptographer, pyrotechnician and sailor

Vaughn Vandegrift, Chancellor of Southern Illinois University and brass ring-grabber

Vander Blue, University of Marquette basketballer and uncreative name exception-taker

Burkhard Bilger, New Yorker writer and flathead noodler

Youngblood Roche, former copywriter and atrocious upward-dogger

Muffet McGraw, Notre Dame women’s basketball coach and expectation embracer

Peveril Meigs, US geographer and desert definer

Jetse Bol, Dutch cyclist

Dell Demps, New Orleans Hornets General Manager and deal-maker (and re-maker, and re-maker, and …)

Dr Brigalia Bam, former chair of the South African Independent Electoral Commission

Great name archive, 8-14 December 2011


Sojourner Marable Grimmett, mum and blogger

Ge’Lawn Guyn, University of Cincinnati basketballer and brawl participant

Kregg Lumpkin, NFL footballer and crooked smiler

Ark Tribe, Adelaide construction worker, unionist and meeting non-attender

Amber Orrange, US college basketballer and potential biomedical engineer

Arvinder Singh Bubber, the first Kwantlen Polytechnic University Chancellor

Buster Flaws, New Zealand sound engineer

Sojourner Marable Grimmett, US working mom and blogger

Konee Rok, American music video director for artists such as Kanye West and Rhymefest

Humpy Koneru, world’s 2nd-ranked female chess player and mind-loser

Prince Amukamara, NFLer & brother to Princess, Promise, Peace, Precious & Passionate

Kevin Shattenkirk, ice hockey player and buddy-beater

Krzysztof Kot, University of Adelaide graduate and Spectra QEST employee

Briny Baird, golfer and rich runner-up

Great name archive, 1-7 December 2011


Coco Crisp, baseballer and afro-er

Coke T. Roberds, American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame member

Coco Crisp, American baseballer and prodigious afro grower

Golden Tate, American gridiron player and gourmet doughnut shop trespasser

Mads Junker, Danish footballer, garbage goal king, & less than reputable poker player

Aye Aye Gyi, University of Adelaide researcher

Bik To, IMVS haematologist

Dick Wolf, Law and Order producer and former toothpaste commercial copywriter

Dick Pound, ex-President of the World Anti-Doping Authority & non-fan of the British Olympic Association

Dick Trickle, former NASCAR driver and 3-year cast-wearer

Bishoy Bishay, Victorian road accident victim

Ricky van Wolfswinkel, Dutch footballer and apparent new ‘lone gunslinger’

Blessing Zulu, Zimbabwean reporter and conference speaker

Carlo Costly, Honduran footballer and non-club goal-scorer

Jamie Cumming, 15-time father with 13 different mothers

Kelly Thrasher Fox, Alabama attorney

Great name archive, 24-30 November 2011

Tokyo Sexwale, politician and former prisoner

Tokyo Sexwale, South African politician and karate-loving anti-apartheid prisoner

Benedict Cumberbatch, British actor and non-suitcase unpacker

Temple Grandin, autistic animal science academic and hug machine inventor

Tristen Bird, musician and former bird-keeper

Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond, ice hockey player and questionable hit deliverer

Welshman Ncube, Zimbabwean politician and alleged thesis copier

W. Patrick Goggles, Democratic minority floor leader in the State House of Wyoming

Randy Lamb, North Carolina shooting victim

Joakim Hansi Blackadder, Swedish-born and now South African-based exceptional wine server

Dr Benno Nigg, University of Calgary biomechanist and running shoe advocate turned cautioner

God’sgift Achiuwa, college basketball and preacher’s son

Mercedes Bunz, digital media journalist & author of ironic, self-referential article about names

Lovemore Moyo, Zimbabwean Parliament Speaker and MP smoking death debate presider

Breland Brown, baseball swindler

Darlington Nagbe, Major League Soccer (US) goal-of-the-year scorer

Great name archive, 17-23 November 2011


Filip Dewulf

Filip Dewulf, tennis player and CD owner

Will Rampersant, AAU basketball coach and Chicken-knower

Earl Scruggs, 3-finger banjo plucking style pioneer and Beverly Hillbillies theme song recorder

Louis L. Lizzadro, Naperville (Illinois) drug ring member

Johnny Jolly, former NFL player, codeine addict and now prison cell resider

Artishai C. Payne, Chicago criminal who did indeed see payne

Laquanashaneacia Leach, Hi-5 forum member

James Jam, Californian real estate agent and real dream maker

Aswad T. Pickens, failed jobseeker turned lewd self-photographer

Lovemore Makwavarara, Zimbabwean soccer player

Xavier Su’a-Filo, UCLA football player and former Mormon missionary

Eulabee Dix, American artist and aircraft part radium painter

Filip DeWulf, Belgian tennis player and vast CD collection owner

Juan Trippe, Pan Am founder & Boeing 747 commissioner

Judd Crush, Adelaide graphic designer and teamwork valuer

Al Golden, University of Miami football coach and Colts Neck (NJ) native

Great name archive, 10-16 November 2011

Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck, chef and booth ponderer

Salman Butt, cricketing match-fixer and ice cream parlour opening attendance fee claimer

Dabo Swinney, Clemson University football coach

Otho Cox, brother of rodeo champion Lionel ‘Breezy’ Cox

Julie Moos, Poynter Online Director

Munchie Legaux, University of Cincinnati quarterback

N-Dia Layne, New York 4th-grade student and 4.45am waker-upper

Wim Hof, Columbia Sportswear ‘antispokesman’

Mumin Gala, Djiboutian 5000m national record holder

Boone Speed, rockclimber and photographer

Wolfgang Puck, celebrity chef and restaurant booth ponderer

Christian Dick, German kiteboarder

Staats Battle, North Carolina State University basketballer and open spot finder

Brandie Jean Jay, US gymnast

Bo Hamburger, Danish cyclist and pyramid scheme participant

Karen Kraushaar, US Treasury Dept employee and alleged sexual harassment victim