Best 2012 Olympic names: 50 (+1)-41

Takumi Kuki

Takumi Kuki

And so the Olympics – and my top 50 countdown – have begun.

Over the next two weeks, I’m counting down the best 50 (+1) names at the Olympics. (Yes, it’s technically 51 names, as 17 days of the Olympics x 3 names a day = 51 – but 50 has that nice ring to it.)

Some of the first 11 names are fun to look at (Tim Lips, Lukas Lacko) but my favourites so far have been the ones to say out loud: Carmelita Jeter, and, even better, Takumi Kuki.

Say them out loud, over and over, and rejoice in their great names.

(41) Clark Burckle, US swimmer

(42) Lukas Lacko, Slovakian tennis player

(43) Takumi Kuki, Japanese sprinter

(44) Trell Kimmons, US sprinter

(45) Carmelita Jeter, US sprinter

(46) Heerden Herman, South African swimmer

(47) Moana Moo Caille, French BMXer

(48) Clemens Rapp, German swimmer

(49) Tim Lips, Dutch equestrian

(50) Roxroy Cato, Jamaican 400m hurdler

(50 + 1) Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg, Mongolian boxer


Counting down the top 50 Olympic names

Swifter, higher, stronger…namier?

Exciting times here at the Name Curator factory: when the Olympics roll around, you can be sure a whole heap of great names are going to roll around too.

That’s why I’m putting on hold the normal service and bringing – at no cost to you – the 50* best athlete names at the London 2012 Olympics.

I’ve scoured the athletes section of the Games’ website – some 10,500 names, if you don’t mind – and will be counting down the best 50,beginning Friday, 27 July.

That’s 3 names a day every day of the Games, finishing with the 3 finest names on the final day of the Games in what promises to be an epic Closing Cere-name-y.

I didn’t have time to find and include my usual verification link, so it’s just the link to the athlete’s bio on the Olympics page. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. These are names that are listed on the official website, and that’s good enough for me.

I hope you enjoy them.

*OK, it’s actually 51, because the games go for 17 days and 17 x 3 names = 51. 50 sounds sexier, though and you get a bonus name, so we all win.

Great name archive, 2-8 July 2012

Aerial Powers

Aerial Powers

Not much to discuss with this week’s names; sure, Peer Fish, Rusty Shellhorn and Dick Kramp are cute in their own ways, but only one name has what can only be described as ‘Maximum Suggestive Connotations’.

And that name is Aerial Powers. What an incredibly, well, powerful name.

Does Ms Powers actually have aerial powers? Can she levitate? As a basketballer, these may well come in useful.

And can she get reception on any TV, anywhere, anytime?

It’s such a great name.

Spiderman Mulholland, US forensic investigator and birth observer

Marlboro Terry, Marlboro County (SC) sheriff and unexpected rubbish find detailer

Moise Plancher, American footballer and family name representer

Rusty Shellhorn, US baseballer and skin shedder

Peer Fish, US lacrosse player and sideline stander

BeBe Shopp, 1948 Miss America and vibraharp specialist

Brock Dykxhoorn, Canadian baseballer and non-water bottle kicker

Dick Kramp, Dutch marketer and low-hanging fruit noter

Fannie Whipple, 19th century US prostitute and sympathy provider

Aerial Powers, US basketballer and great X-ray owner

Galusha Pennypacker, US Civil War hero and 10-month hospital stayer

Beach Powers, Kansas playwright, cow avoider and subsequent car crash victim

Cal Crutchlow, British motorcyclist and pain overcomer

Lamont Sleets, former US basketballer and non-high five inventor

Tinker Hatfield, iconic shoe designer and lawnmower incorporater

Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Dutch swimmer and meningitis overcomer

The Olympics are coming

Now just weeks away, the London Olympics promise to provide world-class competition in many sporting disciplines – but just as importantly, in the incredible variety and quality of names.

This page promises to be a veritable treasure trove of names: please consider this my personal guarantee that I will scan each and every last entrant’s name to ensure that the world’s finest-named athletes are brought, hand-picked and gift-wrapped, to you.

Great name archive, 25 June – 1 July 2012

Quintavious Drains

Quintavious Drains (pic via Jackson State University)

So much to choose from this week. What are Angel Pagan‘s views on religion? Has Angus Pattie ever eaten an Angus pattie?

(I will safely assume that Dick Passwater has indeed…urinated.)

Ms Jetta Disco can consider herself unlucky this week; on most other weeks her name would have easily qualified as a Name of the Week.

Unfortunately for her, Mr Quintavious Drains was lurking. The ‘Quintavious’ is obviously spectacular – but to be followed by a word so unexpectedly out of the box and yet so mundane (mundrains?), elevates this name into a orbit to which few ascend.

Onto this week’s names:

Angel Pagan, Puerto Rican baseballer and freezing surprise sufferer (video)

Truman ‘Fonty’ Flock, early NASCAR driver and even earlier moonshine deliverer

Angus Pattie, New Zealand schoolboy and sunburn sufferer

Dick Passwater, NASCAR driver and purported enginer replacer

Dick Advocaat, Dutch soccer manager and social media advocate

Dick Dekker, Canadian wildlife researcher and wolf absolver

August Busch IV, former beer company CEO and companion of mysterious death sufferer

F. Skiddy von Stade Jr., former Harvard dean of freshmen and Unabomber admitter

Storm Throne, US baseballer and White Sox signer

Helga Happ, Austrian zoo director and turtle divorce commentator

Ketti Frings, Pulitzer Prize-winning screenwriter and box salesman daughter

Zebulon Sneed, US baseballer and projection flasher

Begonya Plaza, Colombian playwright/actress and Kathy Bates looooover

Jetta Disco, US Coast Guard spokeswoman and distress sign non-observer

Quintavious Drains, US baseballer and head swiveller