Great name archive, 25 June – 1 July 2012

Quintavious Drains

Quintavious Drains (pic via Jackson State University)

So much to choose from this week. What are Angel Pagan‘s views on religion? Has Angus Pattie ever eaten an Angus pattie?

(I will safely assume that Dick Passwater has indeed…urinated.)

Ms Jetta Disco can consider herself unlucky this week; on most other weeks her name would have easily qualified as a Name of the Week.

Unfortunately for her, Mr Quintavious Drains was lurking. The ‘Quintavious’ is obviously spectacular – but to be followed by a word so unexpectedly out of the box and yet so mundane (mundrains?), elevates this name into a orbit to which few ascend.

Onto this week’s names:

Angel Pagan, Puerto Rican baseballer and freezing surprise sufferer (video)

Truman ‘Fonty’ Flock, early NASCAR driver and even earlier moonshine deliverer

Angus Pattie, New Zealand schoolboy and sunburn sufferer

Dick Passwater, NASCAR driver and purported enginer replacer

Dick Advocaat, Dutch soccer manager and social media advocate

Dick Dekker, Canadian wildlife researcher and wolf absolver

August Busch IV, former beer company CEO and companion of mysterious death sufferer

F. Skiddy von Stade Jr., former Harvard dean of freshmen and Unabomber admitter

Storm Throne, US baseballer and White Sox signer

Helga Happ, Austrian zoo director and turtle divorce commentator

Ketti Frings, Pulitzer Prize-winning screenwriter and box salesman daughter

Zebulon Sneed, US baseballer and projection flasher

Begonya Plaza, Colombian playwright/actress and Kathy Bates looooover

Jetta Disco, US Coast Guard spokeswoman and distress sign non-observer

Quintavious Drains, US baseballer and head swiveller


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