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Ben Baby

It’s Ben Baby, baby – and a Q & A participant to boot!

In putting together this site, something I wanted to do was to go one step further than merely observing great names.

I wanted to talk to the people behind the names; to show that there was a human being who inhabits the name and to ask them what their name meant to them – as opposed to what meaning we, as onlookers, prescribe to it.

I am forever grateful to the people below who took the time to respond to someone they didn’t know from (usually) the other side of the world.

Ben Baby, US reporter

All my friends usually just call me Ben Baby, and they love to say it whenever they can. I’ve had to pull out my driver’s license on multiple occasions to prove my last name is actually Baby.

Britt Goodwin, British handballer

I think my name is great. It’s short and simple. It represents who I am. I am British Britt and I am also a very “Good winner” , since my surname is Goodwin.

Emma Element, graphic designer

I do think I have a great name and I’m very proud of it to the point where if I ever get married my partner will have a hard time convincing me to give it up!

Rusty Shellhorn, baseballer

My name isn’t too embarrassing or incredibly hard to spell, so I’d say I’m pretty proud of it. Most people hear my name and just want to see the face behind it.

Tank Carder, NFL player

But some reactions are that they don’t believe that it is my name and ask for my real name. Depending on the person, I tell them it is my real name.

Slater Doggett, Canadian ice hockeyer

In the end people usually tell me they like it, but I do care what others think.

Dakota North, Australian speedway rider

No, I’m not bothered, it has been good with the ladies (ha ha)! They seem to like it after I introduce myself, and I always get the joke ‘Are you from North Dakota?’!

Zebb Prime, Australian mechanical engineer

Over the years, I’ve had quite a few funny reactions to my name.  They usually fall into the ‘superhero name’ [Zebb Prime], ‘evil genius name’ [Dr Prime] or ‘transformer’ [Optimus Prime] varieties.

Elkhair Balla, social entrepreneur

It’s good to have a distinctive name.  Individuality is what a lot of people strive for in life, when given a a distinctive name you already have a step in the right direction whether you wanted it or not.

Boone Speed, photographer and rock climber

But by the time I was in my early teens, I was pretty stoked about my name and realized it was going to give me an advantage, because it’s unusual yet easy for people to remember.

Konee Rok, music video director

With “Konee” we have a playful, off beat double syllable sound. And then we have “Rok”, a counteracting single syllable with a strong, finite sound.

Sojourner Marable Grimmett, US author

It makes me feel really good that people are familiar with Black history and the significance of my name.

Sparkle Hayter, Canadian journalist/author

More people have asked for my birth certificate than I can count, and because of that, I can’t lie about my age.

Q’orianka Kilcher, actress/activist

My name means golden eagle in the Quechua language of Peru and I LOVE my name, especially since my mom made it just for me!


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