Great name archive, 4-10 June 2012

Fabulous Flournoy

Fabulous Flournoy (courtesy of

Hard to go past Fabulous Flournoy for this week’s Most Valuable Name. What must it be like being growing up as an African-American boy in the Bronx with a first name like Fabulous? One would think: less than Fabulous.

It’s the ‘l’ in the surname that elevates this name to something beyond brilliant. By the time your mind has processed that someone is called Fabulous, you establish that the surname also begins with ‘F’. As your tongue moves on from the ‘F’, it encounters that second ‘l’ – after the ‘f’ and ‘l’ from the first name, this repetition is just delightful. Trying saying it yourself: Fabulous Flournoy.

Oh, it’s fabulous.

This week’s names:

Potito Starace, Italian tennis player and bettor

Sara Serpa, Portuguese/American jazz singer and wordless improvisor

Spencer Paysinger, American footballer and eternal sports encircler

Ryker Killins, Canadian ice-hockeyer and in-game thinker

Baaba Maal, Senegalese singer and food crisis observer

Preston Dial, American footballer and romantic matchmaker

Uffa Fox, boat designer and canoe-riding English Channel crosser

Chucky Leroy Laster, Naperville (IL) resident and alleged panderer

J.R. Sweezy, American footballer and 65-year-old bus driver alleged assaulter

Barry Blitt, US artist and offensive cover explainer

Fabulous Flournoy, British-based US basketball player/coach and ghetto escaper

Quan Sturdivant, American footballer and drug charge non-facer

Kerwin Swint, American political scientist/author and Cobb County commentator

Kermit Bloomgarden, Broadway producer, former accountant and limb loser

Randy Bullock, NFL player and Gatorade video subject


Great name archive, 21-27 May 2012

Texas Battle

Texas Battle

Yes, you get 15 names a week in each of these archival treasure troves.

But you want more: what value are you getting in straight name regurgitation?

I hear you, and over the coming weeks I’m going to experiment with some ‘bonus content’ for these archives.

This week (and perhaps in each week): I choose a Most Valuable Name for the week; my vote to the best / most interesting / greatest name of the 15 curated.

This week’s winner: Mr Texas Battle (it appears to be his real name).

Like perhaps my favourite name so far, Denzel Drone, it’s the suggestiveness of Texas’ name I find so, well, alluring.

‘Texas’ instantly conjures up America; its biggest state, the drawl, the way of life.

‘Battle’ is obviously self-evident.

Put together, it’s something I can barely contemplate. Who is battling in Texas? What about? Has Texas Battle ever had a Texas battle?

What a great name.

Onto this week’s honour roll:

Cardinal Sin, Filipino priest and regime change architect

Oren Moverman, US film director and corrupt cop archetype deconstructor

Junior Hemingway, US footballer and big play provider

Omagbitse Omagbemi, American dancer and apparently puzzled confidence radiator

Rem Koolhaas, Dutch architect and cool house designer

Callum Papertalk, Australian Rules footballer and nah-sayer

Lou de Leeuw, sustainability consultant, bike rider and cancer survivor

Texas Battle, US actor on The Bold and the Beautiful and Kinesiology graduate

Quentin Saulsberry, US footballer and reliable & thick physical presence

Lars Lagerbäck, Swedish football manager and open dialogue seeker

Alfredo Jaar, Chilean artist and fan of the unknown

Kee Boom, daughter of Dutch cyclist Lars Boom and emotion causer

Buncha Budwong, Monroe (WI) resident and intoxicated driver

Roy Choi, Korean-American chef and one-armed boxer

Sindarius Thornwell, US basketballer and name taker & maker

Great name archive, 7-13 May 2012


Hans Finger

Hans Finger

Richard Roland Spore III, Tennessee lawyer and valuable reference author

Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg, The Atlantic video person and Harvard sex mag founder

Jerheme Urban, American footballer and Seahawk definer

Thaddeus McCotter, US politician and star-spangled guitar owner

TP Sankrankutty Nair, Indian historian and International School of Dravidian Linguistics Senior Fellow

Jerrel Jernigan, American footballer and non-jewelry guy

Hans Finger, Sky Deutschland sports reporter and editorial team fan

Oded Hirsch, video artist and wheelchair hoister

Erislandy Lara, Cuban boxer and underwater photo participant (a great pic, BTW)

Franchon Crews, female American boxer and singing career flirter

Buford Pusser, ‘legendary’ American sheriff and movie inspirer

Buster Skrine, American footballer and feet strength advocate

Torsten Slama, Austrian artist and deadpan stabber

Azalia Snail, avant-garde musician & hallucinogenics endorser

Dontavia Bogan, currently unemployed American gridironer and dollar spender

Great name archive, 30 April – 6 May 2012

Miki Meek

Miki Meek

Earl Derr Biggers, creator of Charlie Chan and skilled raconteur

Red Grooms, artist, gaudy baseball home run sculptor and criticism shrugger-offer

Amara Kamara, Liberian-born US footballer and business & academics care-taker

Wonderful Terrific Monds II, US footballer and son of Wonderful Terrific Monds III (not a typo)

Ambrose Akinmusire, US jazz trumpeter and smirk elicitor

Joey Pankake, American baseballer and nickname recipient

Miki Meek, New York Times writer and corpulent photographer interviewer

Per Djoos, Swedish icehockeyer and presumed pear juice drinker

Laupepa Letuli, American footballer, musician and grandson of firedancing pioneer

Majestic Mapp, US basketballer and former Niagara Daredevil

Aajonus Vonderplanitz, raw milk advocate and orgasm craver since age three (3)

A.J. Allmendinger, NASCAR driver and freakish quirky part failure sufferer

CC Smiff, US stuntman and Game of Thrones Swordmaster/battle discusser

Howdy Ledbetter, US hot rod upholsterer and 1927 Ford owner

Delashaun Dean, American footballer and double firearm-possessing breakfast eater

Great name archive, 16-22 April 2012

Juniper Shuey

Juniper Shuey

Major Wright, American footballer and cold weather embracer

Pernille Ironside, UNICEF child protection adviser and agitated rebel encounterer

Titus Bramble, English footballer and double calf size sufferer

Juniper Shuey, US visual artist and eye-popping visual provider

Bodo Rasch, German architect and non-flammable tent city designer

Nobby Stiles, former English footballer and medal seller

Siphiwe Tshabalala, South African footballer and badge player

Orrin Hatch, US politician and non-crap taker

Papa Bouba Diop, Senegalese footballer and wearer of the nickname ‘The Wardrobe’

Wolfgang Wolf, German soccer identity and former Wolfsburg manager

Nina Nannar, British journalist and Visiting Fellow

T.J. Oshie, US ice hockeyer and grittiness booster

Zeddie Little, US runner, ridiculously photogenic guy and internet meme

Richard Almond Blow, US stone artist and free brush handler

Goodluck Okonoboh, US basketballer and tough love lover