Best 2012 Olympic Names, 20-11

Kanika Beckles

Kanika Beckles

Getting to the pointy end of countdown and things are getting exciting. When names like Ignisious Gaisah and Ruggero Pertile can’t crack the top 10, one knows the quality of names to come is exceptional.

My personal fave from names 20-11 is Kanika Beckles;  those 3 ‘k’s; and the ‘Beckles’, which sounds like something that should exist, but does not.

(“Doctor, what’s wrong with me?” “I’m afraid you have Beckles disease.”)

More than anything, and like many of the names in the countdown, it’s simply lovely to say out loud.

So say it to yourself now. Kanika Beckles. Again: Kanika Beckles. One last time! Kanika Beckles.

And now you’re smiling.

(11) Ignisious Gaisah, Ghanaian long jumper

(12) Epke Zonderland, Dutch gymnast

(13) Kanika Beckles, Granadian sprinter

(14) Bolade Apithy, French fencer (Frencher?)

(15) Eduardo Schwank, Argentinian tenniser

(16) Ruggero Pertile, Italian marathoner

(17) Priscah Jeptoo, Kenyan marathoner

(18) Blessing Oborududu, Nigerian wrestler

(19) Miguel Ponce, Mexican footballer

(20) Eelco Sintnicolaas, Dutch decathlete