Great name archive, 15-21 October 2012


Isma'il Kushkush

Isma’il Kushkush

Wendell Wallach, US bioethicist & academic and friendly skeptic

Shabaan Banana, UK administrator and smooth day-to-day runner

Happy Jele, South African footballer and field of play misser

Isma’il Kushkush, freelance reporter and reflection capturer

Burl Doble and Chic Henry, Australian political candidates and hard line takers

Quandre Diggs, US footballer and hype purchaser

Melaina Shipwash, Miss Colorado 2010 and loaded question answerer

Graf von Wackerbarth, German general and quiet string puller

Manti Molemo Moholo, South African footballer & angry substitute

Mistaker Greenway, 19th century British baby and imaginative parent haver

Thor Tripp, US reporter and 7.5 burger eater

Teeboy Kamara, Liberian footballer and fresh blow incurrer

Paco Underhill, US environmental psychologist and in-store shopping advocate

Jean Lean, New Zealand student and earthquake practicer

Tyler Tettleton, US footballer and undisclosed abdomen injury sufferer


Q & A with Ben Baby


Ben Baby

Ben Baby, baby.

Ben Baby is a newspaper reporter in Texas. He’s not only got a great name, but he’s very cool for taking the time to answer my questions about it. You rock, Baby!

1) Is there a story (that you’ve been told) about where your name comes from?

My parents are Indian, and according to the naming nomenclature in the state of Kerala, Christians usually follow the biblical naming system. So the last name of the family would be the first name of the father. So when my father came to the United States, his last name was Baby, the first name of his father. Rather than confuse everybody and continue the system in the US, he decided against it. So Baby has stuck for the following generations.

2) What does your name mean to you? Do YOU think you have a great name?

2. Honestly, I probably have one of the coolest names ever, and I’m pretty thankful for it. All my friends usually just call me Ben Baby, and they love to say it whenever they can. I’ve had to pull out my driver’s license on multiple occasions to prove my last name is actually Baby.

3) Is it good or bad – or perhaps a bit of both – to have a distinctive name?

I love having a distinctive name. Whenever I meet people who are terrible with remembering names, they always tell me they’ll never forget my name. And honestly, that’s something everybody strives for — nobody wants to be forgotten. And that’s coming from a guy who can’t remember anybody else’s name.

4) Do you care what others think of your name? What reactions from others have you encountered over the years?

At this point, I don’t care what others think about my name. I don’t think people think too negatively of it, so that’s probably why I don’t care as much. When I was in elementary school, a few kids used to tease me about it. I haven’t been heckled about it in a long, long time.

5) Do you have a favourite name you’ve come across over the years?

I don’t think I have a favorite name, but just going by “Ben Baby” is pretty awesome. I’ve been truly blessed.

6) Have to ask: have you, in fact, ever been put in a corner? 🙂

Considering I’ve yet to see the three new Batman movies or Titanic, I’m not a huge movies guy. But I still know the line from Dirty Dancing and I’ll use it from time to time. People usually laugh. I probably need to watch that movie so I realize why that line is so famous.

Great name archive, 23-29 July 2012


X'Zavier Bloodsaw

X’Zavier Bloodsaw

Jameel Jaffer, Canadian lawyer and anti seriousness minimiser

Tobias Titz, German/Australian photographer and Polaroid camera advocate

Maynard K. Yingst, US race car driver and fatal aneurysm sufferer

Emma Element, UK graphic designer and tasty placement prowler

Shanda Lear, singer, daughter of Lear jet company founder and high note ender

Barkevious Mingo, US footballer and postpartum vanity inspirer

Ben Baby, US reporter and balcony collapse chronicler

Harry Baals, mid 20thC US politician and non building name recipient

German Creamer, Ecuadorian academic and algorithmic trading researcher

Wager Swayne, US Civil War participant and leg loser

Dr O’Neil Ankle, Jamaican school principal and potential abundant blessing receiver

X’Zavier Bloodsaw, US footballer and rep getter

Great name archive, 9-15 July 2012

Patience Panski

Patience Panski

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, NBA star ex-wife and alleged attempted child abductor

Jinx Burrus, 1950 Miss Nebraska and three year baton twirler

Jeep Van Wormer, US racecar driver and Labrador owner

Engin Toker, Adelaide cafe owner and paranormal activity explainer

Patience Panski, 1958 Miss Michigan and softball identity widow

Austen Aune, US baseballer/footballer and early dream starter

Wytch Rigger, US lacrosser and two turnover causer

Mirjam Christ-Crain, Swiss medical researcher and great motivation recipient

Umut Bulut, Turkish footballer and late-blooming gem

Britton Drown, US media relations practitioner and drug investigator

Marquessa Glee Bullock, Miss Utah 1993 and Rachmaninoff performer

DJ Driggers, US baseballer and next level seer

Felix Kirk Zollicoffer, US politician/Civil War participant and Tennessee State Printer

Axel Zwingenberger, German boogie-woogie pianist and Bulgaria lover

Tom LaCrosse, US college lacrosser and spark needer

Great name archive, 28 May – 3 June 2012

Fenella Fudge

Fenella Fudge

Not too much doubt about my favourite name this week: it has to be Fenella Fudge.

Not only does it packs a fiercely fearsome alliteration, but it also contains a loving Britishness coupled with its ability to be the name of a new Bond romantic lead/villain.

It also fits neatly into my ‘two-word poem’ category: a name that is just lovely to say. ‘Fenella’ skateboards down your tongue before coming to an abrupt stop in ‘Fudge’.

A hearty ‘well played’ to you, Ms Fudge!

And on to this week’s names:

Tavious Polo, American footballer and unsanctioned party promoter

JT Ready, former US marine and suspected murder-suicide perpetrator

Cyhl Quarles, American footballer and good-bad moment experiencer

Dinn Mann, US sports media identity and thicker skin obtainer

Bob Tadashi Wakabayashi, US historian and Japanese researcher

Roosevelt Falls, really good, solid, hard-nosed & tough American footballer and coach impressor

Kirksey Nix, US ‘Dixie Mafia’ leader & suspect in assassination attempt on Name Curator fave Buford Pusser

Cotton Codinha, US editorial assistant and old The Atlantic story reviver

Austin Trout, US boxer and alleged possessor of no name

Yogi Berra, US baseball identity and oft-quoted personality

Rebecca Katz and Camilla Fox, US animal welfare advocates and coyote commentators

Tank Carder, American footballer and former world BMX champion

Wilco van Herpen, Dutch photogapher/TV producer and Turkish ice cream fan

Fenella Fudge, British TV/radio announcer and rescue dog walker

Jhonattan Vegas, Venezuelan golfer and presidential non-discusser

Great name archive, 16-22 April 2012

Juniper Shuey

Juniper Shuey

Major Wright, American footballer and cold weather embracer

Pernille Ironside, UNICEF child protection adviser and agitated rebel encounterer

Titus Bramble, English footballer and double calf size sufferer

Juniper Shuey, US visual artist and eye-popping visual provider

Bodo Rasch, German architect and non-flammable tent city designer

Nobby Stiles, former English footballer and medal seller

Siphiwe Tshabalala, South African footballer and badge player

Orrin Hatch, US politician and non-crap taker

Papa Bouba Diop, Senegalese footballer and wearer of the nickname ‘The Wardrobe’

Wolfgang Wolf, German soccer identity and former Wolfsburg manager

Nina Nannar, British journalist and Visiting Fellow

T.J. Oshie, US ice hockeyer and grittiness booster

Zeddie Little, US runner, ridiculously photogenic guy and internet meme

Richard Almond Blow, US stone artist and free brush handler

Goodluck Okonoboh, US basketballer and tough love lover