Great name archive, 22-28 October 2012

Hero Nuus

Hero Nuus (and friend)

It’s been a busy few weeks for Name Curator but I’m finally on top of my archivist duties.

Some interesting names this week, including Hero Nuus and Moses Regular Jr (supplied by the incomparable namesmith Steve Rushin).

But of course, it’s impossible to go past Cynthia Chicken-Usher. Such a strange hyphenation: ‘Chicken’ on its name is intriguing, but to follow it up with ‘Usher’ elevates it to a level of brilliance I’ve rarely encountered.

Cynthia Chicken-Usher, I applaud you.

Hildegard Hammerschmidt-Hummel, German academic and Shakespeare death analyser

Garold Sneegas, US photographer and hogchoker/stoneroller snorkeler

Jurickson Profar, Curaçaoan baseballer and former Hickory Crawdad

Gaillard ‘Evil’ Peck, US pilot and Constant Peg program initiator

Crystal Starr, US videoblogger and fun building troller

Rudell Crim, US gridironer and ‘ooooh baby’ utterer

Bland Ballard, US soldier/legislator and tough looking man

Hero Nuus, animal trainer and hippopotamus feeder

Jovan Belcher, American footballer and stat jacker-upper

Rainer Werner Fassbinder, German director and vicious drug & sleeping pill combiner

Cynthia Chicken-Usher, British company director

Moses Regular Jr, American footballer and bullet-like projectiler

Cornell Capa, Hungarian/American photographer and non-artist

Peer Bork, German biochemist and diarrhoea sufferer email receiver

Abdulai Bell-Baggie, Sierra Leonean/English footballer and understated hinter


Great name archive, 23-29 July 2012


X'Zavier Bloodsaw

X’Zavier Bloodsaw

Jameel Jaffer, Canadian lawyer and anti seriousness minimiser

Tobias Titz, German/Australian photographer and Polaroid camera advocate

Maynard K. Yingst, US race car driver and fatal aneurysm sufferer

Emma Element, UK graphic designer and tasty placement prowler

Shanda Lear, singer, daughter of Lear jet company founder and high note ender

Barkevious Mingo, US footballer and postpartum vanity inspirer

Ben Baby, US reporter and balcony collapse chronicler

Harry Baals, mid 20thC US politician and non building name recipient

German Creamer, Ecuadorian academic and algorithmic trading researcher

Wager Swayne, US Civil War participant and leg loser

Dr O’Neil Ankle, Jamaican school principal and potential abundant blessing receiver

X’Zavier Bloodsaw, US footballer and rep getter

Great name archive, 11-17 June 2012

Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon

Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon

Most of the names curated here are two words; it takes an especially strong name of three words (or more) to make the cut.

And then there’s Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon.

Of course, the ‘Cosmo’ is captivating; the ‘Duff’ adds some extra flavour and by the time you get to ‘Gordon’, it’s a pretty satisfying concoction. But that ‘Sir’ at the start is what does it for me. What’s he done in order to get the ‘Sir’?

(As it turns out, it probably wasn’t his efforts when departing abruptly from the Titanic.)

‘Sir’ and ‘Cosmo’ are so incongruous a coupling that it’s endearing – the leap from the stately ‘Sir’ to the Seinfeldian ‘Cosmo’ is such that it scarcely matters what comes next. Quite the achievement in a name.

On to this week’s assortment:

Coach Wei, US tech company CEO and anti-lean advocate

Lyle Link, US jazz saxophonist and chest slicer

Kash Kalkowski, US baseballer and pretty mean stick swinger

Elijah Goldtrap, American footballer and good putter

Caramyl Drake-May, University of Alabama academic advisor and incoming student activist

Montgomery Meigs, former US Army General and uncertainty embracer

August Sander, German photographer and / or self-portrait assister

Hiro Himmerl, 1yo son of late American photographer Anton and auction beneficiary

Dwight Dasher, American footballer and inadvertent opposition inspirer

Noxolo Nogwaza, South African gay rights activist and murder victim

Yaya Herman Dune, French singer and oddball Parisian rock band frontman

Mister Alexander, American footballer and ‘Mentally Ready’ court non-appearer

Winston Watson, US drummer and Hong Kong newspaper Bob Dylan misquotee

Erastus Fairbanks Snow, Mormon pioneer and co-founder (along with William J. Flake) of Snowflake, AZ

Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon, dueling pistol Olympics competitor and Titanic survivor

Great name archive, 28 May – 3 June 2012

Fenella Fudge

Fenella Fudge

Not too much doubt about my favourite name this week: it has to be Fenella Fudge.

Not only does it packs a fiercely fearsome alliteration, but it also contains a loving Britishness coupled with its ability to be the name of a new Bond romantic lead/villain.

It also fits neatly into my ‘two-word poem’ category: a name that is just lovely to say. ‘Fenella’ skateboards down your tongue before coming to an abrupt stop in ‘Fudge’.

A hearty ‘well played’ to you, Ms Fudge!

And on to this week’s names:

Tavious Polo, American footballer and unsanctioned party promoter

JT Ready, former US marine and suspected murder-suicide perpetrator

Cyhl Quarles, American footballer and good-bad moment experiencer

Dinn Mann, US sports media identity and thicker skin obtainer

Bob Tadashi Wakabayashi, US historian and Japanese researcher

Roosevelt Falls, really good, solid, hard-nosed & tough American footballer and coach impressor

Kirksey Nix, US ‘Dixie Mafia’ leader & suspect in assassination attempt on Name Curator fave Buford Pusser

Cotton Codinha, US editorial assistant and old The Atlantic story reviver

Austin Trout, US boxer and alleged possessor of no name

Yogi Berra, US baseball identity and oft-quoted personality

Rebecca Katz and Camilla Fox, US animal welfare advocates and coyote commentators

Tank Carder, American footballer and former world BMX champion

Wilco van Herpen, Dutch photogapher/TV producer and Turkish ice cream fan

Fenella Fudge, British TV/radio announcer and rescue dog walker

Jhonattan Vegas, Venezuelan golfer and presidential non-discusser

Great name archive, 14-20 May 2012


Demitrius Omphroy

Demitrius Omphroy

J.J. Current, childhood safety worker and former car seat inspector

Ratan Tata, Indian business tycoon and German Shepherd owner

Frantrell Forrest, American gridironer and knee pop hearer

Ronald Pickup, British actor and wonderfully psychologically apposite play enthusiast

Edo de Waart, Dutch conductor and awful weather fan

Ishmaa’ily Kitchen, American footballer and accidental leg-whipping victim

Ned Sublette, US musician and Cuban photographer

Hans Rat, Secretary General of International Association of Public Transport and Estonia visitor

Jamaaladeen Tacuma, free funk electric bass virtuoso and grant recipient

Rougned Odor, Venezuelan baseballer and ridiculously brutal brawl starter

Demitrious Omphroy, American-Panamanian footballer and multiple sclerosis live-wither

Marquis Maze, US footballer and non-overhead TV camera fan

Red- Wacky League – Antlez– Broke the Stereo – Neon Tide – Bring Back Honesty – Coalition – Feedback – Hand of Aces – Keep Going Captain – Let’s Pretend – Lost State of Dance – Paper Taxis – Lunar Road – Up! Down! Strange! – All & I – Neon Sheep – Eve Hornby – Faye Bradley – AJ Wilde – Michael Rice – Dion Watts – Matthew Appleyard – John Ashurst – Lauren Swales – Zoe Angus– Jaspreet Singh – Emma Matthews – Nicola Brown – Leanne Pickering – Victoria Davies – Rachel Burnside – Gil Parker – Freya Watson – Alisha Watts – James Pearson – Jacob Sotheran-Darley – Beth Lowery – Jasmine Hewitt – Chloe Gibson – Molly Farquhar – Lewis Murphy – Abbie Coulson – Nick Davies – Harvey Parker – Kyran Williamson – Michael Anderson – Bethany Murray – Sophie Hamilton – Amy Wilkins – Emma Simpson – Liam Wales – Jacob Bartram – Alex Hooks – Rebecca Miller – Caitlin Miller – Sean McCloskey – Dominic Parker – Abbey Sharpe – Elena Larkin – Rebecca Simpson – Nick Dixon – Abbie Farrelly – Liam Grieves – Casey Smith – Liam Downing – Ben Wignall – Elizabeth Hann – Danielle Walker – Lauren Glen – James Johnson – Ben Ervine – Kate Burton – James Hudson – Daniel Mayes – Matthew Kitching – Josh Bennett – Evolution – Dreams, owner of world’s longest name and charity fundraiser

Cadwalader Ringgold, US Navy officer, explorer, and ceaseless vessel repairer

Stormy Wing, US rodeo rider and eloquent coincidence explainer

Great name archive, 30 April – 6 May 2012

Miki Meek

Miki Meek

Earl Derr Biggers, creator of Charlie Chan and skilled raconteur

Red Grooms, artist, gaudy baseball home run sculptor and criticism shrugger-offer

Amara Kamara, Liberian-born US footballer and business & academics care-taker

Wonderful Terrific Monds II, US footballer and son of Wonderful Terrific Monds III (not a typo)

Ambrose Akinmusire, US jazz trumpeter and smirk elicitor

Joey Pankake, American baseballer and nickname recipient

Miki Meek, New York Times writer and corpulent photographer interviewer

Per Djoos, Swedish icehockeyer and presumed pear juice drinker

Laupepa Letuli, American footballer, musician and grandson of firedancing pioneer

Majestic Mapp, US basketballer and former Niagara Daredevil

Aajonus Vonderplanitz, raw milk advocate and orgasm craver since age three (3)

A.J. Allmendinger, NASCAR driver and freakish quirky part failure sufferer

CC Smiff, US stuntman and Game of Thrones Swordmaster/battle discusser

Howdy Ledbetter, US hot rod upholsterer and 1927 Ford owner

Delashaun Dean, American footballer and double firearm-possessing breakfast eater

Q & A with Boone Speed

Boone Speed

Boone Speed

Boone Speed is an award-winning photographer and rock climber, based in Portland, Oregon.

He’s worked for brands such as Nike, Adidas, The North Face, Men’s Journal and Patagonia, and is also esteemed as a pioneering athlete and principle architect in the evolution of rock climbing.

And now, he’s reached the summit of something else: a Q & A! Thanks Boone.

1) Is there a story (that you’ve been told) about where your name comes from?

Nothing too dramatic here, Speed is my family name which I’m told originates in England. Then I was just named after two of my father’s uncles, Boone and then my middle name Sheridan, which I don’t ever use.

2) What does your name mean to you? Do YOU think you have a great name?

I was totally used to it before I was aware that it was unique. It wasn’t fun for me when I was young because I got teased quite a bit and really I just wanted to blend in. But by the time I was in my early teens, I was pretty stoked about my name and realized it was going to give me an advantage, because it’s unusual yet easy for people to remember.

3) Is it good or bad – or perhaps a bit of both – to have a distinctive name?

Way more good than bad in my experience.

4) Do you care what others think of your name? What reactions from others have you encountered over the years?

I’m proud of my name. Way more often than not I get complimented and I’m pretty sure it’s given me a good advantage over the years, beginning with my climbing career and now as a professional photographer.

5) Do you have a favourite name you’ve come across over the years?

I’m partial to my son’s name, Nicolas Massif. He goes by Nic Speed.