Great name archive, 8-14 October 2012

Amory Lovins

Amory Lovins

Lotus Delta Coffman, US university president and Normal School graduate

Zizi Papacharissi, US academic and house of power

Gimel President, US gridironer and Parade team researcher

Walrus ‘J.U.I.C.E./Waterslide’ Howard, US cameraman & industry experience obtainer

Emanuel Ax, German pianist and restful renderer

Tina Taps, US tennis official and anti-wayward tennis ball adviser

Skylar Tibbits, US architect and self-assembly line constructor

Natural Hunka Kaboom, US council meeting attender and Bomb Squad activator

Ezzideen Tlish, Libyan taekwondo-er and shooting victim

Stirling Silliphant, US screenwriter and Bruce Lee friend/student

Jackson Blankenship, US uni student and Alabama Face Guy

Spongy Benjamin, Trinidadian/Tobagonian hoopster and point chipper-inner

Amory Lovins, US scientist and Hypercar inventor

Raina Deerwater, US student and slammin’ poet

Shyquawn Pullium, US gridironer and North-South speed shower


Great name archive, 9-15 July 2012

Patience Panski

Patience Panski

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, NBA star ex-wife and alleged attempted child abductor

Jinx Burrus, 1950 Miss Nebraska and three year baton twirler

Jeep Van Wormer, US racecar driver and Labrador owner

Engin Toker, Adelaide cafe owner and paranormal activity explainer

Patience Panski, 1958 Miss Michigan and softball identity widow

Austen Aune, US baseballer/footballer and early dream starter

Wytch Rigger, US lacrosser and two turnover causer

Mirjam Christ-Crain, Swiss medical researcher and great motivation recipient

Umut Bulut, Turkish footballer and late-blooming gem

Britton Drown, US media relations practitioner and drug investigator

Marquessa Glee Bullock, Miss Utah 1993 and Rachmaninoff performer

DJ Driggers, US baseballer and next level seer

Felix Kirk Zollicoffer, US politician/Civil War participant and Tennessee State Printer

Axel Zwingenberger, German boogie-woogie pianist and Bulgaria lover

Tom LaCrosse, US college lacrosser and spark needer