Great name archive, 15-21 October 2012


Isma'il Kushkush

Isma’il Kushkush

Wendell Wallach, US bioethicist & academic and friendly skeptic

Shabaan Banana, UK administrator and smooth day-to-day runner

Happy Jele, South African footballer and field of play misser

Isma’il Kushkush, freelance reporter and reflection capturer

Burl Doble and Chic Henry, Australian political candidates and hard line takers

Quandre Diggs, US footballer and hype purchaser

Melaina Shipwash, Miss Colorado 2010 and loaded question answerer

Graf von Wackerbarth, German general and quiet string puller

Manti Molemo Moholo, South African footballer & angry substitute

Mistaker Greenway, 19th century British baby and imaginative parent haver

Thor Tripp, US reporter and 7.5 burger eater

Teeboy Kamara, Liberian footballer and fresh blow incurrer

Paco Underhill, US environmental psychologist and in-store shopping advocate

Jean Lean, New Zealand student and earthquake practicer

Tyler Tettleton, US footballer and undisclosed abdomen injury sufferer


Great name archive, 1-7 October 2012


Hippolyte Tsafack

Hippolyte Tsafack

Amber Lawn, Australian sister and Malaysian jail visitor

Thurlow Weed, US political tyro and chronic vertigo sufferer

Junji Wiener, US lacrosser and ball shielder

Ermal Fraze, US tool company owner and aluminum can pull tab inventor

Bud Pidgeon, hunting fan & Saturday meeting organiser

Hippolyte Tsafack, Cameroonian hoopster and one-word answerer

Kenesaw Mountain Landis, US judge/baseball commissioner and real shorthand reporter

Bradley Wine, US criminal and public intoxicant

Titus Rubles, US basketballer and style translator

Carrie Coon, US actress and drooling man wake possessor

Kate Pumpa, exercise physiologist & calorie counter

Jean-Louis Akpa Akpro, French footballer and unafraid shooter

Helmut Pump, German waste manager and international advice provider

Christopher Christmas, US counsellor and Ball State University graduate

Rodrick Rumble, US gridironer and good-hearted people helper

Great name archive, 24-30 September 2012

Name Curator has been going for more than a year now, and it amazes me that there are still so many good names out there.

Billy Boat

Billy Boat

One thing that I am noticing as the names pile up is that I am increasingly drawn to names which instantly conjure up some sense of the person that the name belongs to.

In other words, Zeppy O’Geen may sound like a Dr Seuss character, but can we gain a mental image of him from his name alone?

Kippy Lou Brinkman, on the other hand, sounds like a perky, chirpy US beauty queen – which, of course, she was.

And Billy Boat – say it fast, in one word, billyboat – sounds like someone who needs to drive things fast for a living, which he did.

By golly I love names.

Maynard Um, US IT analyst and iPhone 5 upgrade surveyor

Comfort Sands, US merchant/politician and first NY State Auditor-General

Billy Boat, US driver and Turkey Night Grand Prix midget race winner

Cable Green, US education analyst/researcher and food machine ponderer

Outerbridge Horsey (VII), US architect and seventh-generation Outerbridge Horsey

Zeppy O’Geen, US lacrosser and constant every-game contributor

Whitfield Diffie, US cryptographer and self-described iconoclast

Kippy Lou Brinkman, Miss Washington 1965 and intricate harp music performer

Marynell Meadors, US basketball coach and powers struggle loser

Cyril Curtain, Australian biophysical researcher and lighthouse enthusiast

Tromp van Diggelen, South African physical culturalist and sickly child

Lake Keawekoaikamakaokalani Ka’ai, US gridironer and whirlwind truth teller

Grinling Gibbons, English sculptor & monument maker for NC fave Cloudesley Shovell

Wendell Venerable, US university student and alleged Montee Ball attacker

Darqueze Dennard, US gridironer and cheerleader crush instigator

Great name archive, 10-16 September 2012


Bacarri Rambo

Bacarri Rambo

Victor Vifquain, Belgian-US Army General and unsuccessful kidnapper

Cloudesley Shovell, 17th/18th century British naval officer & disaster overseer

Rizelyx Rivera, US-Puerto Rican weightlifter and clean catching muscle ripper

Wildeana Withers, Miss Kansas 1925 and train enthusiast

Shulamith Firestone, US feminist writer and utopian future envisioner

Tornado Ali Black, US junior tenniser and sister of Hurricane

Mg Mg Mint, Burmese policeman and flip-flop wearer

Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, former US journalist/politician and son wedding aisle walker-downer

Blake McJunkin, US gridironer and unprotected head protector

Flip Flippen, US educator/psychotherapist/business coach and 20 child raiser

Emeric Pressburger, Hungarian-British film identity and sagacious, bird-like facial expressor

Bacarri Rambo, US footballer and mistaken pot brownie consumer

General Carter Ham, US Army General and Tanzanian court system praiser

Pebbles Zell, Miss Teen Conservative USA 2012

Wannah Bail, Bahamian basketballer and someone who wanted to bail from college team

Great name archive, 23-29 July 2012


X'Zavier Bloodsaw

X’Zavier Bloodsaw

Jameel Jaffer, Canadian lawyer and anti seriousness minimiser

Tobias Titz, German/Australian photographer and Polaroid camera advocate

Maynard K. Yingst, US race car driver and fatal aneurysm sufferer

Emma Element, UK graphic designer and tasty placement prowler

Shanda Lear, singer, daughter of Lear jet company founder and high note ender

Barkevious Mingo, US footballer and postpartum vanity inspirer

Ben Baby, US reporter and balcony collapse chronicler

Harry Baals, mid 20thC US politician and non building name recipient

German Creamer, Ecuadorian academic and algorithmic trading researcher

Wager Swayne, US Civil War participant and leg loser

Dr O’Neil Ankle, Jamaican school principal and potential abundant blessing receiver

X’Zavier Bloodsaw, US footballer and rep getter

Great name archive, 9-15 July 2012

Patience Panski

Patience Panski

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, NBA star ex-wife and alleged attempted child abductor

Jinx Burrus, 1950 Miss Nebraska and three year baton twirler

Jeep Van Wormer, US racecar driver and Labrador owner

Engin Toker, Adelaide cafe owner and paranormal activity explainer

Patience Panski, 1958 Miss Michigan and softball identity widow

Austen Aune, US baseballer/footballer and early dream starter

Wytch Rigger, US lacrosser and two turnover causer

Mirjam Christ-Crain, Swiss medical researcher and great motivation recipient

Umut Bulut, Turkish footballer and late-blooming gem

Britton Drown, US media relations practitioner and drug investigator

Marquessa Glee Bullock, Miss Utah 1993 and Rachmaninoff performer

DJ Driggers, US baseballer and next level seer

Felix Kirk Zollicoffer, US politician/Civil War participant and Tennessee State Printer

Axel Zwingenberger, German boogie-woogie pianist and Bulgaria lover

Tom LaCrosse, US college lacrosser and spark needer

Great name archive, 4-10 June 2012

Fabulous Flournoy

Fabulous Flournoy (courtesy of

Hard to go past Fabulous Flournoy for this week’s Most Valuable Name. What must it be like being growing up as an African-American boy in the Bronx with a first name like Fabulous? One would think: less than Fabulous.

It’s the ‘l’ in the surname that elevates this name to something beyond brilliant. By the time your mind has processed that someone is called Fabulous, you establish that the surname also begins with ‘F’. As your tongue moves on from the ‘F’, it encounters that second ‘l’ – after the ‘f’ and ‘l’ from the first name, this repetition is just delightful. Trying saying it yourself: Fabulous Flournoy.

Oh, it’s fabulous.

This week’s names:

Potito Starace, Italian tennis player and bettor

Sara Serpa, Portuguese/American jazz singer and wordless improvisor

Spencer Paysinger, American footballer and eternal sports encircler

Ryker Killins, Canadian ice-hockeyer and in-game thinker

Baaba Maal, Senegalese singer and food crisis observer

Preston Dial, American footballer and romantic matchmaker

Uffa Fox, boat designer and canoe-riding English Channel crosser

Chucky Leroy Laster, Naperville (IL) resident and alleged panderer

J.R. Sweezy, American footballer and 65-year-old bus driver alleged assaulter

Barry Blitt, US artist and offensive cover explainer

Fabulous Flournoy, British-based US basketball player/coach and ghetto escaper

Quan Sturdivant, American footballer and drug charge non-facer

Kerwin Swint, American political scientist/author and Cobb County commentator

Kermit Bloomgarden, Broadway producer, former accountant and limb loser

Randy Bullock, NFL player and Gatorade video subject