Best 2012 Olympic names: 50 (+1)-41

Takumi Kuki

Takumi Kuki

And so the Olympics – and my top 50 countdown – have begun.

Over the next two weeks, I’m counting down the best 50 (+1) names at the Olympics. (Yes, it’s technically 51 names, as 17 days of the Olympics x 3 names a day = 51 – but 50 has that nice ring to it.)

Some of the first 11 names are fun to look at (Tim Lips, Lukas Lacko) but my favourites so far have been the ones to say out loud: Carmelita Jeter, and, even better, Takumi Kuki.

Say them out loud, over and over, and rejoice in their great names.

(41) Clark Burckle, US swimmer

(42) Lukas Lacko, Slovakian tennis player

(43) Takumi Kuki, Japanese sprinter

(44) Trell Kimmons, US sprinter

(45) Carmelita Jeter, US sprinter

(46) Heerden Herman, South African swimmer

(47) Moana Moo Caille, French BMXer

(48) Clemens Rapp, German swimmer

(49) Tim Lips, Dutch equestrian

(50) Roxroy Cato, Jamaican 400m hurdler

(50 + 1) Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg, Mongolian boxer


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